Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 0 - Preparation

About two years ago just after our trip together to Hyder, Alaska a friend of ours from the LoneStar BMW Riders club, Bo Griffin, started to talk about how much he would like to do a trip to Italy and that we should do it together. And here we are 2 years later and as I am writing this on the 9 of September, 2012, one day before we embark on this trip it seems unbelieveable we are on the verge of starting it.

We have just done a 14 day tour from Lisbon to Milan and will go on with Bo, Joy and Steve, the 5 of us in 3 separate bikes in the Italian adventure.

Much has been written, spoken and researched about this part of the world and we are looking forward to experience it and share in this blog what we have liked and how we are feeling as we ride across Italy.

We have prepared the blog in a bit of a different way from how we have done in the past. As we know exactly where we will staying in each day I have created posts for all the 10 days already and will be updating them as we go along. On the top right of the blog page you will be able to see where we are (also available in the spot page in the blog) and also what has been our latest update on blog wording and pictures (we usually update the pictures a bit earlier than the wording as this is done in an automatic way overnight when we arrive from the day's trip, where as the wording needs a bit more creativity ;-)).

We have also added Bo's blog page where you can also see different pictures and explanation of each day.

Looking forward to share our adventure with you. Do feel free to leave comments and also let us know if you enjoyed the day's posts and pictures as it helps with us improving future blogs.

Live life, my friends ...


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