Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 12 - Verona to Jesolo Beach

One of the things we are looking for while in Italy is to see Venice but as we have found out it is not very easy for motorbikes to move around in Venice so what we have decided is to do Venice in style ;-). We will stay in a very beautiful beach area close to Venice where we can leave the bike, see beautiful sea views from our hotel room and then take a bus and a boat to go to Venice for the day.

Today we arrived at about 4 so we stayed in the pool and beach in Josolo. Temperatures are coming down so we will actually stay in for the night and catch up on Internet and blogging.

This morning we went to visit the arena in Verona and as tomorrow they have a big show we were able to watch the rehearsals of dancing on ice. How cool (pardon the pun) is that ...

Blog in construction.

Some videos of Dance on Ice Rehersal


Click HERE for all the pictures for Day 12



  1. A great idea for a trip. Congrats!

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