Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 8 - Merano to Samedan/St Moritz, Switzerland

Today we had one of the best breakfasts of our trip in a Castle, entered in Swtzerland through the mountains, rode a number of passes, rode in a beautiful valley and visited St. Maritz. All of these in a normal day would be an highlight but today we also did Stelvio and that was AMAZING.

All my expectations were blown off the water. Paula was a great trooper and even let Steve and I do it by ourselves while she stayed up in the peak writing postcards. So in the end went up and down twice ;-)).

Here is a quick video just after we arrived.

And here are 3 videos from bottom, middle and top parts of Stelvio.






Check the pictures ...

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Click HERE for all the pictures for Day 8


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