Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 9 - Samedan/St Moritz, Switzerland to Bellagio

Today we will left Switzerland and went back to Italy and will spend the next two days "chilling" in Lake Como. Our base will be Bellagio but we will travel by boat to other parts of the lake.

Trip into Bellagio was very beautiful as we did an amazing road the SS36 after Splugen Pass (which in itself was interesting with loose cows and their stuff all over the road).

It is one of the "best biking roads" and I like the explanation of another rider "Not a very well-known pass but its a beauty. Great tarmac and good visibilty make this pass to one where you can really open the trottle if you get the chance. In the beginning it is pretty straight forward but pretty fast after the Italian border the sharp turns and switchbacks build up rapidly. When descending into Italy, you will arrive at a T-junction. If you want to be thrilled beyond believe go left (i.e. the direction which is forbidden for trucks and campers). You will find a steep descend into various blind corners in and out of tunnels on a narrow road. Not for the faint-hearted or mountain-newbies, but a challenge for the advanced riders".

This is how it looks in a map (the dotted sections are tunnels and yes there is a switchback inside a tunnel).


As this was the last night we had with the whole gang we decided on a restaurant by the water and while we were eating fireworks started to go off. A fitting end to a great trip.


Click HERE for all the pictures for Day 9


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